Yaeger Public Relations
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About Us

Yaeger Public Relations is a full-service public relations firm that delivers cutting-edge communication strategies. We specialize in image building, business growth and development, and crisis management designed to help our clients thrive in a competitive marketplace. Our company is dedicated to developing long-term strategic client relationships. We devote ourselves to knowing our clients’ business in-depth and provide increasing value to the client through our strong publicity and industry contacts. Media placement includes major New York and national newspapers, local and national television networks and affiliates, news wire services, national magazines and professional trade journals.

Services Include:

  • Creating and implementing public/media relations, marketing and advertising plans
  • Managing publicity, marketing and advertising projects from inception to completion
  • Media placement capabilities; constructing an effective media placement mix, managing insertions in tri-state print media, coordinating local and national
  • Radio, television and print placements
  • Writing and producing promotional materials e.g. Press releases, press advisories and photo captions
  • Managing and implementing special events
  • Crisis Management


Our Team

Fred Yaeger

Fred Yaeger is a veteran communications executive and Founder and President of YAEGER PUBLIC RELATIONS. He has extensive experience in public relations and media management strategies, and a strong and consistent television, radio and print placement record of achievement. Mr. Yaeger is nationally recognized for his public relations acumen in managing press conferences, writing of personality profiles, newsletters, brochures, as well as the development and implementation of crisis management strategies. He has produced and hosted a weekly half-hour public affairs radio program in New York City, and a Westchester cable television program on health care issues. Mr.Yaeger is a member of the Yonkers Chamber of Commerce, the American Society for Health Care Marketing and Public Relations/American Hospital Association, and the Health Care Public Relations and Marketing Society of Greater New York.


Connie Petrovich

Connie Petrovich is a highly successful business entrepreneur with excellent communications and business organization skills, and is Vice-President of YAEGER PUBLIC RELATIONS. Ms. Petrovich is a leading public relations professional with expertise in the coordination of special events, and the management of press conferences and media interviews.






Jillian Rodriguez

Jillian Rodriguez is an experienced Public Relations/Communications executive and Senior Vice-President of YAEGER PUBLIC RELATIONS. She has extensive experience in public relations and media management strategies, and a strong and consistent record of media placements, both local and national. Ms. Ibelli excels in the management of press conferences, coordinating and implementing special events, as well as writing press releases, newsletters and brochures.




Harold Clark

Harold Clark is a public relations, advertising and marketing communications professional with over 40 years of experience as a PR writer, copywriter, journalist and editor. He is Vice-President of YAEGER PUBLIC RELATIONS, and has worked with myriad companies, organizations, not-for-profit groups and entrepreneurs to help establish and build brands, and to disseminate ideas and information to elevate their status in the media, and among their industry peers.




Maria Nurse

Maria Nurse is Vice-President of YAEGER PUBLIC RELATIONS, and has worked in the finance and health care fields effectively managing advertising and public relations campaigns in both the Hispanic and Anglo markets. Her skills and knowledge in both ​​sales and public relations serves her well as a team member for her client companies. Her Hispanic background affords her the ability to understand the needs of the Hispanic community and direct large companies to invest in this growing and emerging market.



Silvia Ruiz

Silvia Ruiz is an experienced Public Relations/Communications Executive and is Vice-President of Yaeger Public Relations. She has a strong background in wellness and healing and excells in publicity, promotion and in the management of press conferences.